Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Are You Free, or Are You Fearful?

Systems, structures, organizations, and denominations are formed to streamline the already existing goals and movements that began in an informal way, but were worthy of greater exposure. Thru the years, the organization thus formed petrifies into something “established” rather than organic. In the end, most activity is to sustain the system that now consumes rather than contributes. Loyalty to the organization is the yardstick for measuring success. Now and then someone talks about how they should return to the original mission. Everyone agrees and feels better that those sentiments were expressed, but nothing is ever done to go back. Nothing can be done. Why? Because the organization saps all the energy and resources that might be used to go back. At that point people bail. Those who bail are smeared, their reputation and investment are ruined. Others see this and decide that they must stay loyal or suffer the same, so they dig in and join the criticism. So how do you really know what a person thinks in his or her heart of hearts? This is the game we play. Ralph Waldo Emerson was right when he challenged people to leave their political party, club, organization, or church so that their yes would be yes, and their no would be no. He could not separate when they were talking or when they were speaking for their affiliation. How is it with you? Do you speak on your own, or are you controlled by your investment into a system? Are you free, or are you fearful?

Dennis Pumford
Assistant Directional Leader

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Anonymous said...

Dennis, you are the man!

You see this everywhere. Our conference is trimming the budget by letting many pastors go while at the same time adding staff to the conference office & building a new conference building. Great people, but certainly stuck in a system first mind set.

I have to write this anonymously because I would certainly be attacked for not backing the system.

Thanks for your courage and God bless you & MC!