Monday, December 10, 2007


Many times I have heard the expression, “You are trying to bring the world into the church!” It always is connected with drums, drama, or years ago with the use of the screen for music. It’s interesting that people often relate certain forms of music, instruments, dress, or food with the world. The Bible seems to be mute on this association. On the other hand, the things that the Bible does condemn, which would make them “worldly,” are gossip, backbiting, evil-surmising, criticism, and faultfinding.

In my years of ministry, I have seen the church plagued with these problems on every level, but the amazing thing is that there is no outcry of “worldliness!” addressing these problems. In the end, the only winner is the devil, and our churches or schools cripple along with no hope of reaching their full potential. As we continue to plant new churches with the same basic message, wouldn’t it be nice if we make a deliberate effort to exclude the real “worldliness” from our congregations through teaching and example?


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